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Leadership Thesis    

investment thesis

We start by diving into the assumptions and conclusions behind the key themes of your Investment Thesis.

We review the management presentations and listen to your appraisal of the management team, current pressure points and execution priorities.


We diagnose with you the implications of the investment thesis for the leadership team:

-   What must they deliver or change in order to create value?

-   What are the key execution risks on which success or failure will pivot?

-   What insights, experiences and skills must the executive team possess?

We discuss and advise on job design and performance management for the key positions.


The candidate brief is how your Leadership Thesis and its line of sight back to the Investment Thesis will be represented with candidates.

We create a compelling story that will attract the right talent, and encourage the wrong talent to self-select out of the process.

define search

We define the critical success factors for the search in terms of:

-    The Vardis team that has the best insight and experience 

-    Principles and criteria for developing the Target List of companies

-    The search process that we will follow, and how we will partner with your investment team or portfolio management

Search Execution    


Duration 2 to 5 days

Client input:

Investment Thesis briefing 

CEO / management team briefing    

Vardis outputs: 


- Value drivers & measures 

- Execution risks

- Required experience & skills

Search Strategy

Duration 2 to 5 days

Client input:

Sign off LeadershipThesis™ & role design

Vardis outputs:


- Detailed executive profile

- Sell the client's story

Target List development 



Duration 2 to 3 weeks

Client input:

Sign off search strategy 

Vardis outputs:

Candidate Long List

Weekly detailed update & feedback

Approach & Assess

Interview against client's LeadershipThesis™ & Private Equity DNA™




Duration 2 to 3 weeks

Client input:

Interview Shortlist

Speak to references post Vardis checks

Vardis outputs:

Recommend candidates who best fit LeadershipThesis™ & Private Equity DNA™

Arrange meetings with clients and follow up

Co-ordinate offer process

Undertake wholly independent referencing process


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