Better Returns

The right team to sell

Gain higher returns by having the right team in place to deliver the exit.

Optimising Management to maximize value on Exit


Building a team for IPO

Plan early and build a team that can deliver value at IPO and beyond

The right team to communicate effectively with the investment community

The right team deliver the finance, governance and risk management practices and processes required as a public company

Chairman and Board of Directors

Appoint Chairman and Board of Directors

Board of Directors with strong listed expertise and credibility with investors

A track record of leading IPOs

Strengthening the Finance function

A CFO with public market expertise and credibility

Build a finance team with the breadth and depth to manage quarterly reporting expectations, treasury and risk management and robust reporting and communications

Experienced Company Secretary / IR Leader

Adding key functions required for life as a listed company

Company Secretary / Investor Relations Director who are known and respected by the analyst and investor community

Trade Sale or Secondary    

Market Review

Gain exclusive insight from those who know the market best

Engage with competitors, customers and suppliers understand how the company is perceived

Benchmark strength of management team against its competitors


Management review

Confidentially reference current management

Benchmark strength of management team against its competitors

Gain insight to where the team may need to be strengthened

Address any succession issues 


Succession Planning

Build the team to maximise value by having succession in place for key functions, to attract new investors

Ensuring that the brand equity of a business is not diminished for example by exiting a founder


Identify the best management team ahead of the sale

Gain higher returns by appointing the best team to Exit


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