VARDIS 2020 PE CFO SURVEY Addendum – The Impact of COVID-19 on PE Portfolio Companies

/ OVERVIEW: We are pleased to share with you this Addendum to our 2020 Private Equity CFO Survey. In the course of conducting our annual CFO Survey, we asked about PE CFOs to gaze into their collective crystal ball and share their views on micro and macroeconomic issues. Given the rapidity and scale of change in global economic conditions, this Addendum is an important companion to the original survey results


Between February 8 to March 6, 2020, Vardis contacted the CFOs of more than 1,250 North American Private Equity Portfolio companies. The original survey concluded prior to any significant shelter-in-place restrictions outside of Wuhan.  With this in mind, we re-approached this same cohort in addition to CFOs across Europe between April 13-20, 2020 and included these responses as an Addendum which follows.  In the Addendum we ask PE CFOs their estimates of the impact on EBITDA and valuations, steps their companies have taken in response to current market conditions, and their bets on when their results return to previously forecasted levels.


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