Showcasing recent PE- and VC-related research from leading international academic thinkers

These articles showcase recent PE- and VC-related research from leading international academic thinkers. Senior academics and practitioners have been invited to discuss and challenge the findings. In Talent turnaround Professor Francesca Cornelli shares the insights and key hypothesis from her recent research, Team Stability and Performance in Private Equity, which investigates what happens to fund returns when investment professionals leave GPs at certain stages of the fund cycle.

The article re-examines common perceptions of how staff turnover affects GP performance. In Signs of ageing, there is a debate between academics and industry experts about the implications of a maturing PE industry for LP returns. Increasingly, PE returns are resulting from GPs driving operational changes at their portfolio companies rather than from financial engineering.

Serving up change, discusses an interesting new academic research paper about this change, based on evidence from the restaurant industry. What happens when PE gets it wrong? The case study article, When targets are missed, describes a PE investment story with a twist. In Second hand, second rate?, academics and practitioners debate the motivations behind secondary buyouts, and discuss how those SBOs perform.

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